Keep your cool this Summer

Keep your cool this Summer

It would be fair to say that we tend to keep things hot and steamy at Dumpling Republic. Some might even say that we are too hot to handle! However, with summer just around the corner and temperatures climbing, it’s essential to add a little cool to your life. Our signature drinks are the perfect solution to ensure you keep your cool this summer.

House Brewed Iced Tea

While the precise origin of tea is somewhat debatable, we can all agree that tea is the ultimate refreshment.  Inspired by the diverse and intriguing blends making their name in the world of tea, we are proud to present our aromatic house brewed iced teas – pure hibiscus, and ginger and lemon iced tea.

Pure hibiscus tea is a bold, tropical tea made from the infusion of the deep-magenta calyces of the hibiscus flower. Termed as liang cha in China, the bold, fruity aroma of this vibrant “cooling tea” is pure refreshment.

While the citrus taste of lemon and the punchy flavour of ginger have been individually adopted in the tea experience, the combination of these elements is sublime. The combination of these bold flavours creates a blend that is booth soothing and invigorating.

If you are searching for a light and refreshing drink to accompany our sumptuous dishes, then look no further than our aromatic iced teas.


For the health conscious, don’t sweat it, our vibrant selection of smoothies are sure to get your tastebuds talking. Why not say hello to one of our delicious smoothies –take your pick between passionfruit and mango or mixed berry. Blended from fresh and seasonal produce, our smoothies are sure to brighten up your day.

Sweet delights

Sometimes, nothing beats a sweet treat. So prepare to spoil yourself silly with our delicious selection of cool delights. Coined as the ultimate refreshing indulgence, our coconut pineapple and Nutella delights are impossible to refuse.  Our sweet delights are perfect for our little dumpling lovers, or for the young at heart.

All of our signature drinks are available in our restaurants and we also do takeaway. Pick up yours today at either of our two locations; Brisbane or Gold Coast.