Introducing Master Sim and the Art of Dumplings

Introducing Master Sim and the Art of Dumplings

Only a handful of chefs possess the skill, passion and dedication to deliver an exceptional dining experience. One of the few internationally-renowned, Master of the Dumpling, Mr Sim Kim Kwee. For Master Sim, food is a delicate (and delicious) art form.

Master Sim has been perfecting his art for almost 50 years. At just 17 years of age, Master Sim entered the culinary domain of some of Singapore’s largest, internationally-recognised kitchens. Folllowing his passion for fine food, Master Sim trained under some of the worlds most respected Iron chefs, and achieved the esteemed status of Master Sim.  The journey to achieving the status of ‘Master’ was not an easy one – becoming a dumpling Master takes a minimum of 15 years and is considered a great honour.

Continuing his pursuit to master the art of fine cuisine, Master Sim’s skills took him to Russia, China and the world beyond – and for this, we are truly thankful!

With six Asian languages and dialects in his repetoire, Master Sim has gained a breadth of knowledge across many cultures and cuisines. Master Sim’s long career has allowed him to present an assortment of scrumtious flavours to the modern dumpling scene. It is Master Sim’s expertise and desire to introduce his customers to the world of exceptional taste, that lies at the core of our food philosophy.

Keeping with Master Sim’s philosophy, we strive to serve dishes that are delectable and authentic, with a modern twist. We simply wish for you to experience Master Sim’s precise art of creating fast, fresh and healthy food.

Be bold and dare to explore the delicious possibilities at your nearest Dumpling Republic.