The Art of the Dumpling

Sumptuous food. We all crave it.

Only a few have the talent, passion and dedication to deliver the tastes, textures and art of exceptional food.

Dumpling Republic is proud to introduce Australian lovers of fine cuisine the talent of Mr Sim Kim Kwee or as we like to call him
– Master Sim.

With an understanding of six Asian languages and an extensive career working in international restaurants, Master Sim brings a wealth of worldly experience with him to Dumpling Republic. His career has not only taught him about different cultures, but also about the art of food and exceptional taste.

At just 17 Mr Sim entered the cauldron of large and famous kitchens in Singapore, training under some of the worlds most renowned Iron chefs. Once he had achieved the status of Master Sim, his skills took him to Russia, China and beyond.

His simple philosophy is to ensure that each and every dish that leaves his kitchen is close to perfection. Why only ‘close’, you ask?

According to Master Sim, “There is always room for 1% more”.

For Master Sim – food is art.

Every one of Master Sim’s chefs work
to exacting standards.

We use only the very best ingredients in everyone one of our dishes.

Every meal is freshly prepared right when you place your order.