The Art Of The Dumpling

The Art Of The Dumpling

It doesn’t take long after talking to Dumpling Republic’s Head Chef Master Sim Kim Kwee to see why he is so passionate about the art of dumpling making. With a career spanning over 45 years, working under some of the most esteemed Iron chefs, he is dedicated to the meticulousness of his profession.

“Dumpling making isn’t so much about talent, it requires great precision… If you are precise and practice many times, you can create the perfect dumpling,” Sim explains.

Reminiscing on the experience of making his first dumpling, Master Sim remembers, “It was very very difficult.”

“I started with around 7 pinches, but have built my skills up to put over 20 precise pinches in each dumpling,” he says.

The most famous dumpling restaurants in the world tend to aim for around 18 pinches, but Master Sim trains his Dumpling Republic staff to do more than 20, resulting in what he describes as “a piece of art”.

When asked what his favourite dumpling is, Master Sim explains that the Pork Xai Long Bao is preferred for both eating and creating.

“It takes over 10 hours to make in total and is a true art. The taste, texture and flavour for the finished product greatly depends on the precise measurements and technique used,” he adds.

Dumpling Republic serves both traditional Pork Xai Long Bao as well as contemporary twists on dumplings including the popular Wagyu beef and onion. We also host an extensive menu including stir-fries, soups, noodles, and hot and cold snacks.

As the place to be for traditional and specialty dumplings, Dumpling Republic is located in both Brisbane’s CBD in the Wintergarden, and the Gold Coast’s Robina Town Centre. Both locations are open seven days and bookings can be made online by clicking here.